Become a sales scout and profit from your network – up to €10000 for your recommendation!

We are sales scouts:

Thomas Schlank | Enterprise Sales Executive

“I have a large network of friends and colleagues whom I like to point out interesting jobs to. Last year I earned € 8000.”

Silke Ulbrich | Customer Success Manager

“FutureSales placed me into my current position and I recommend the company and the recruitment process wholeheartedly to my network. I received € 4000 last month alone.”

Become a sales scout and profit from your network by recommending talents.


1. Recommendation

Recommend a vacancy from the FutureSales portfolio to a sales superstar.


2. Placement

FutureSales gets in touch with the candidate and starts the recruitment process.


3. Commission

Your candidate was successfully placed into a cloud company and you receive a generous bonus.

We profit from our network:

Anna Taup | Sales Executive

“FutureSales works very professionally. Besides the generous commission, my friends and colleagues are very thankful that I point them to interesting vacancies.”

Julian Carter | Senior Sales Executive

“I very much value the professionalism of FutureSales and regularly recommend talents from my network. I have received € 6000 in the last few months.”

Questions and answers

What do I receive for a successful recommendation?

You receive a bonus of up to €10000.

How do I recommend a candidate?

Within every job listing, there is a “scout” button: here you can enter your name and email address, as well as the name and email address of your recommendations.

When do I receive the bonus?

FutureSales transfers the bonus when the candidate has successfully survived their probation period.

What happens when the candidate is already in FutureSales’ network?

You benefit anyway. If the candidate has not yet been shortlisted for the recommended vacancy, you will receive €500 for the hint.

Become a sales scout:

Benefit from your network and earn money by recommending sales talents to FutureSales. We will contact your recommendation straight away and place them in the most innovative companies. As soon as a talent has been placed after your recommendation you will receive a generous commission.


5.500 €

average commission



paid out bonuses



gratitude of the recommended candidates

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